Friday, December 09, 2005

The Road to Fame Gurukul:

This is a daily reality drama that tells the story of
12 talented singers who have given everything they have
to enter the coveted music academy -- FAME GURUKUL --
and their journey to becoming the nation's biggest singing

Based on a successful Spanish reality show called Operation
, Sony Entertainment Television's Fame Gurukul
will take millions of Indians on a roller-coaster ride
of fierce competition, spectacular performances and
stardom success. Operation Truinfo has been adapted
across 11 countries gripping millions of viewers across
three continents.

After being tested on various parameters through auditions
held across Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Indore, only
14 will be given the dream chance of training at the
academy under a team of top notch no-nonsense experts
from the industry in music and dance. Only 12 of the
14 singers will enter the academy through Jury selection
and public voting

Every week, a real-life drama will unfold giving viewers
a look at the life, struggle, hopes and aspirations
of these young singers. Every week, one aspirant will
mercilessly be asked to leave the academy till we zero
in on the two who will become the FAME JODI.

Judging them will be an eminent panel of judges and

Making of the Fame Jodi

The Gurukul is where the stars will be born out of
back breaking training and surviving fierce competition,
frustration, bickering, tears and insecurities. Each
week will drive towards individual live performances,
with students performing for survival before a studio

Every day, you will get to see the high drama at the
Gurukul and later in the week, the contestants will
battle it out for your votes at the Gala. Every week,
four contestants will be put on the block or probation
by the JURY. One of whom will be given a second chance
by the FACULTY. One contestant will be saved by the
fellow contestants in a highly charged moment, and the
NATION will vote on which amongst the final two should
remain in the academy.

The Gurukul

This academy will boast of the best faculty and will
be the best destination for aspiring performers in the
nation. The Gurukul or Music Academy has been established
in the true Guru-shishya parambara -- an age old tradition
of education that is difficult, stark and relentless
in its expectation from the student. Along with vocal
classical training and vocal exercises, the Academy
will take care of the physical and mental fitness of
the contestants. No stone will be left unturned -- vocal
coaching, dancing, performance style, counselling. Every
aspect will be given attention at the Academy to turn
out the complete performer.

Once the lucky 14 students enter the gate of the Gurukul,
they will only leave if voted out. Here, their raw talent
will be professionally tested and trained by an eminent
faculty headed by a Dean who keeps all on the strict
line of discipline.

Aspirants are known to have done some crazy things to
get onto the academy. Fame ke liye kuch bhi karega!

Meanwhile, cameras follow the students' every move24/7.
So get ready for action that's really intimate. The
young wanting to break the rules, getting into a spot
with the faculty, missing home, stealing, cooking for
each other and the works.